About Francesc Tomas

Hola! Francesc Tomas here, founder of Barçablog.com, host of The Barcelona Podcast and freelance columnist for a variety of media, including ESPN, The Guardian, Weloba etc. Barça is my passion, my home-town club, the team closest to my heart. I consider myself lucky to have the world's greatest team on my doorstep!

Long story cut very short:

- Born in Barcelona right before Maradona signed for the Blaugranas - Do you know when that was?

- Lucky enough to regularly watch live matches at the Nou Camp from a very early age. My family assures me that my first ever match was Barça-Bilbao back in the 1980s - which ended up with a tight 3-1 Blaugrana victory, great start!

- Played football all my life, since I was 3 years old, and still do today - I'm not Messi, but try to be!

- My brother played for the FC Barcelona academy for a couple of seasons, sharing the team with Don Andres Iniesta - known as Andresito those days. This experience has enabled me to have a pretty close understanding of what it takes to move up the La Masia youth system.

Words can't possibly explain how proud I am to have developed a community where Barcelona fans regularly come to read the latest news, share their opinions, interact with each other and, ultimately, celebrate their love for FC Barcelona.

Having over 700,000 followers in social media and receiving over 5,500,000 visits on the website has certainly exceeded expectations. Considering it all started with simply posting a photo explaining the Barcelona crest on Facebook, it is clear that the journey that followed was impossible to predict.

Whether you have been part of our community for years or you just stumbled across our page for the first time, thank you. Your support does not go unnoticed. Every single comment, like, retweet, share or click is incredibly valuable.

We are committed to continue to provide you with engaging content about Barcelona, the best football team on the planet, for many years to come.

If you have any ideas, enquiries or questions, please contact me at myworldofsport@gmail.com and it will be my pleasure to help.