This regular feature in our blog will analyse the performance of the FC Barcelona players after every match by giving them the following awards: 'Man of the Match' is self-explanatory really (!!!), 'He's on Fire' for whoever shows to be in the best form, 'The One to Watch' for a player that is performing consistently well over the last few matches and 'The Wooden Leg' for those who are struggling to make an impact.

BARÇA v INTER 28.4.10

MAN OF THE MATCH: Gerard Pique.

The Catalan giant seemed to be everywhere whenever he was needed. As a centre-back, he always got to the ball quicker than any of the Inter strikers. This allowed him to have a very comfortable start to the game, mixing short passes with his now famous long-balls to the wing. As the game came to closer to the end, Guardiola asked him to play as a striker with a brilliant result: A goal after a 360' turn Romario would have been proud of!

HE'S ON FIRE: Pedro.

This guy didn't stop running for 94 minutes. He always looked as the most dangerous player in the pitch and gave Xavi an option to open play to the wings. PR17 crossed the ball remarkably several times - Unluckily for him, Ibrahimovic was never able to beat any of the central defenders to make any use of Pedro's passing effort.

THE ONE TO WATCH: Bojan Krkic.

Bojan was given less than half an hour to do the job the rest of the team hadn't achieved in the first 60 minutes: Score the 2 goals the team needed. And he very nearly did it: His first header went inches wide off the post in the 70th minute, then he managed to score his second chance well into injury time - Shame about the referee disallowing it after a doubtful Toure handball!

THE WOODEN LEG: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

I don't really know where to start here. Ibra didn't really seem able to find a way through the Italian defence. You may argue that Lucio and Chivu performed at an extraordinary level, but there can't be any excuses: Let's not forget that Mr. Ibrahimovic is Barça's most expensive player ever. He landed into our squad last summer, after a controversial deal with Inter Milan: Legendary goal-scorer Samuel Eto'o plus $50 million. Yet when it mattered the most, Ibrahimovic was unable to take a single shot on goal - His best effort was a free-kick strike that went frustratingly wide.


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