This regular feature will highlight different facts and random stuff that you may have missed while watching Barça's last game.


Fact 1: Valdes ran to push Mourinho away from the fans after the match.

Mourinho, a.k.a. The 'Special One' (or 'The Translator' as we like to call him), decided to run across the pitch as soon as the referee blew the final whistle. He would say that he was just celebrating with his Inter fans, no harm intended. I believe he was trying his best to provoke a reaction from the Catalan fans after trashing their Champion League's dream. And, apparently, Victor Valdes agrees with me: He pushed him away while shouting, only to be stopped by an Inter Milan representative.

Fact 2: Xavi and Messi missed Iniesta.

Some people in Barcelona seem to think that Leo Messi and Xavi had a poor game yesterday. I disagree with that: They were missing Iniesta's unpredictable spark. Don Andres is one of those players that can create a play out of nothing, the perfect addition in midfield to Xavi and a back-up for Messi upfront. At the end of the day, you would rather have Iniesta in the team than Keita, wouldn't you?

Fact 3: The Inter players destroyed their changing room at the Nou Camp.

Official FCB sources have reported serious damage to the visitors' changing room after chairs were thrown into the showers and jacuzzi areas during the Italian post-game celebration. I think it is a shame that Mourinho wasn't thrown around too!

Fact 4: Thierry Henry is now our fifth-choice striker.

Did you see Henry in the pitch yesterday? No? I didn't either. Guardiola chose to use Ibrahimovic, Pedro, Bojan and even Jeffren instead of the Frenchman in the most important game of the year. And the trouble is, nobody really missed him. I am afraid it must be 'Au revoire Monsieur Henry': Remember he is amongst the Top 3 highest paid FC Barcelona players this season!

Fact 5: FCB will give it all to win the La Liga title.

It is obvious that our players, our board, our fans will be disappointed with this result. Winning the CL at the Bernabeu is now a distant dream that will never be. Shame. But there are 4 games left in the Spanish League and we are currently 1 point clear of The Galacticos - We have to make it count and give it our all.


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