Last Wednesday was one of the most frustrating days in the life of many Barça fans around the world. There was a general feeling that the 'Remuntada' (Comeback) against Inter was possible if we all put our minds to it. And we all did. The Camp Nou was packed and noisy, the players were mentally ready, Guardiola had it all well planned in his head. But it just didn't happen: Mourinho presented a team that refused to play football and concentrated on time-wasting and long ball passing with an ultra-defensive attitude.

And that was it. My problem is: This is the past now! I have been reading the press this morning and this is all I could read: 'The players are sad and disappointed', 'You can hold your heads high' (Laporta), 'I'm proud of the fans, they deserve 10/10' (Ferrer), 'Enjoy this moment as you will never live this ever again in your lives' (Guardiola, to the players)... As you can see, the focus remains of what we could have achieved, but didn't - This must change NOW or we will not win the La Liga either!

Also, and as you would expect, the Madrid players and media are trying to make the most of it at the moment: 'We will see if Barça can get over their frustration' (Valdano), 'We have a feeling that we will win La Liga this season' (Cristiano Ronaldo, Madrid's repulsive prima donna!), 'Our fans will be celebrating when we win the league this season (Xabi Alonso)... See what I mean?

The Villarreal - FC Barcelona game will kick-off tomorrow. Let's hope our players have forgotten about their Champions League experience - Or else we will have to look back and regret and look back at a golden chance to win the Spanish League too.

Having said that, I have every faith in Guardiola and our team to turn things around and get a good result against Villarreal's Yellow Submarine. Força Barça!

@ Tom Sparks


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