FC Barcelona face their final test on Sunday against one of the weakest teams in La Liga. If we win the game, we will be champions and millions of fans around the world will go completely nuts and celebrate like there's no tomorrow - I will probably end up climbing some fountain and getting a cold in the process!

One of the major factors ahead of the game is the absence of Xavi and Iniesta in the team. As you know, Don Andres has been injured for a number of weeks now. The Catalan media says that he may be pushing himself to be available on Sunday; I don't see that happening though. As for Xavi, he was yellow-carded for the 5th time during the match against Sevilla, which means he is banned for the Valladolid game. Not good.

Now it's time for Guardiola to re-arrange the team. And we all know he is capable of doing it - Let's not forget that Pep is an expert when it comes to experimenting with his squad. I think the best option is to play Busquets, Yaya Toure and Keita in midfield, with Messi and Pedro in the wings. I would also give Ibrahimovic another chance to prove himself as a striker, at least for the first half anyway - If he doesn't perform well, I'm sure Bojan can come on and change the game.

Who would YOU play if you were Guardiola?   
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