FCB News analyses the performance of the FC Barcelona players after every match by giving them the following awards: 'Man of the Match', 'He's on Fire' for whoever shows to be in the best form, 'The One to Watch' for a player that is performing consistently well over the last few matches and 'The Wooden Leg' for those who are struggling to make an impact.


MAN OF THE MATCH: Xavi Hernandez.

We are so lucky to have such a brilliant player in our team! Xavi had one of the biggest disappointments of his life on Wednesday, after losing to Inter. While playing that match, he picked an injury which nearly ruled him off today's clash at Villarreal. Not only did he play, he managed to assist Bojan and Messi (twice!) and score one of his trademark free-kicks. As always, he had total control of the game at all times. Way to go Xavi!

HE'S ON FIRE: Leo Messi.

The little Argentinian player is one of a kind. Messi recieved a considerable amount of criticism after Barça were knocked-out of the Champions League, but that didn't affect him today. He scored the first goal after a great assist from Xavi, with a powerful, quick shot from the left wing. Not satisfied with that, he added another goal to his tally (which is now 29 in La Liga) after yet another magnificent pass from Xavi. Leo Messi has to be the best player in the world today: We are fortunate to have him at Barça.

THE ONE TO WATCH: Bojan Krkic.

Tonight's match may have been key to Bojan's future at Barça. The Spanish media have been talking about David Villa joining the Catalan team after the summer World Cup. But, to be honest, do we need him? Bojan proved to be quick on the ball, able to pass under pressure and, most importantly, score goals whenever he has the chance to do so. If Guardiola needs a striker, he needs to look at his squad before signing: Bojan Krkic is ready!

First things first: I am a massive Dani Alves fan. When he is in good shape, he has as much pace as any right-back in the world. He understands what Guardiola wants him to do, which is defend hard, play the ball to the midfielders (mainly Xavi and Busquets) and combine with the winger (normally Pedro, or Messi) to open the oposition's defense. And, sadly, I am not seeing many quality crossings coming from the Brazilain these days. He seems rushed and lacks passing accuracy: He has wasted some attacking chances today due to poor crossing.

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