FC Barcelona are not only working on recruiting high profile players, such as David Villa or Cesc Fabregas, but is also controlling the market to cover other needs. To do this, nothing like old friends, players who have been close to wearing the Barca jersey in the past. This is the case of the Danish player Christian Poulsen, who FCB were interested in a couple of seasons ago, or Luis Filipe, who was very close to being a new culé last season.

In the case of the current Juventus midfielder, FC Barcelona's interest is due to the possibility that Yaya Toure may leave us if the Catalan club receives an interesting offer. Then, Barcelona would try to sign a defensive midfielder who can act as a replacement for Sergio Busquets, someone reasonably experienced who isn't too expensive. Poulsen has that profile. He is 30 years old, so his price would not be too high (Juventus signed him for 10 million euros), with the added bonus that they want to sign Martín Cáceres (who is in the Bianconeri club on loan from FCB).

In the case of Luis Filipe, it actually is the current Deportivo player who, after his failed attempt last season, wants to make the quality jump to a big club. His agent said: 'The player wants to keep growing, it's time to leave Deportivo'. The problem is the same as last year: Money. Augusto César Lendoiro wants 15 million euros for him. Filipe Luis is ready for anything. "We must put the pressure back at Deportivo. We must look at everything when we sit down to negotiate and the chairman knows that it is the right time for Filipe to move. We will be very stubborn if we don't get our own way'. Barca is eager to see how this tense situation evolves. Watch this space!

Does FC Barcelona need Poulsen or Filipe Luis?
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