FC Barcelona has been the first European club to spend big bucks this summer with the David Villa transfer. The striker's arrival has been noticed among the great powers of European football and, as happens every year, the ripple effect is already underway. With the Spaniard in Barça's payroll, Ibrahimovic is no longer indispensable. The Swede now needs to decide whether to continue at Barça or go for a new adventure.

Zlatan is a special guy. His career stats are impressive, even at Barça this season, which has sprung interestest from Italian giants AC Milan. Their chairman, Silvio Berlusconi, hasn't had the best of years. Several groups of fans are demanding him to sell the club and also want to force his immediate resignation as club owner. However, far from being intimidated, Don Silvio has now pledged to spend big money in an attempt to restructure the ageing 'Rossoneri' squad.

With Berlusconi promising new signings and the obvious need to strengthen the Milan attack, it is not surprising that many eyes are looking directly at Ibrahimovic. The truth is Inzaghi is in clear decline and the arrival of former Real Madrid player Huntelaar has not brought anything special to an attack which seeks the perfect complement to Ronaldinho and Pato.

But Milan's internal problems have intensified in recent days with the triumph of arch-rivals Inter in the Champions League. The Rossoneri fans are bitter and require a dramatic change. And that's where the arrival of Ibra fits: He left a strong impression during his time at Milan - Even though he was playing for Inter, not AC!

Would you like to see Ibrahimovic leave FCB?
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