When you say FC Barcelona, people think about legends such as Messi, Cruyff, Romario, Guardiola... But there is much more to our team than football: El Barça es mes que un club (In English: Barça is more than just a club) This sentence has a lot of meaning for us Catalan fans, and fans can sometimes interpret the sentence in different ways.

Our slogan makes us think about the Spanish Civil War in the 1940s, the years when General Franco, a massive Real Madrid supporter, used to rule Spain and wanted to neglect the Catalan area and culture through any means possible, including killings and bombings. FC Barcelona represented a sporting answer to Franco's power: The Catalans supported Barça and every win against Real Madrid was celebrated as a victory against the Spanish Goverment.

Another meaning of the Mes que un club slogan is the unstoppable success of FCB in other sports, not just football: Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Athletics, Baseball, Rugby, Volleyball and many more! And we don't just take part in the sport, we have won many World Championships, European Championships, Spanish Cups and Spanish Tournaments over the years.

Força Barça!

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