The good news is, today is the day that many Barça fans have been waiting for: The massive Champions League final at the Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid. The bad news is, FC Barcelona are not in it!

I don't want to go back and spend my whole article talking about how unfair it is that such a boring, uninspiring team such as Inter Milan knocked us out after 180 minutes of destructive football. Looking back, FCB were probably not good enough to find a way to beat the Italians - As my first football coach used to say 'The ball is round for all 22 players, so you just have to accept other people play differently.' You can argue that the referee was too soft on Inter, that Mourinho had instructed their players to waste time, that a legal Bojan goal was disallowed... Reality is, FC Barcelona are not in the final because Inter scored one more goal than us. (Grrrr!!)

So, today, Barça fans around the world have 2 options:

1. Don't watch the Champions League final. Go out with your friends instead, walk around the park, go shopping for new socks, visit your granny. If you choose this option, it may be because you hate Mourinho so much that you couldn't stand seeing him win Barça's dream Champions League trophy. I would understand that.

2. Watch the final. Put on your FCB kit, gather a few mates at home, or visit your local pub with blaugrana paint on your face. Say rude stuff whenever Mourinho appears on screen, while cheering for Bayern Munich swinging a German Bratswurt in the air. Make sure you don't throw food at any Italian fans around you: That may cause trouble.

Whatever you do, you can be sure of one thing: Your hate for Mourinho is justified. He is the most arrogant, self-centered coach in football. The trouble is, he is also a good coach who, like it or not, wins trophies for whatever club he works for.

Let's hope for a German Revolution tonight...

Will you watch the Inter Milan - Bayern Munich final?
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