You have to admire this guy. Andres Iniesta is doing all he can so that he is available for Barça's crucial game against Valladolid on Sunday. He just resumed training with the rest of the squad a couple of days ago, after a string of injuries that have ruined his season so far. Most professional footballers would just make up excuses and concentrate on recovering in time for the World Cup. But Andres is different: He has FC Barcelona at heart and will do all he can to contribute to the team.

Iniesta has only played 28 La Liga matches this season, which is obviously not enough for a player who is key to Pep Guardiola's scheme. He has been extremelly unlucky with the number of injuries he has picked up this season - I believe this may be caused by the fact that, in the past, Andres has played games when he wasn't fit enough, such as the 2009 Champions League final against Manchester United. Despite that, reports are optimistic and suggest that Iniesta has been outstanding in the last 2 training sessions, his only problem being lack of match pace.

Taking all this into consideration, I would prefer our Number 8 to start on the bench initially and, depending on how the match develops, decide whether to use him or not. As I said my previous article 'Barça need a new brain', I think the best option is to play Busquets, Yaya Toure and Keita in midfield, with Messi and Pedro in the wings. I would also give Ibrahimovic another chance to prove himself as a striker, at least for the first half anyway.

I really do hope that it all goes well for him and he can help us win La Liga on Sunday while keeping healthy.
Força Barça!

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