Yesterday I wasted another two precious hours of my life watching Real Madrid beat Mallorca 4-1. Even though the Balearic team scored first, they were unable to respond to a Cristina Ronalda hat-trick and a latter goal by Higuain. I was hoping that the Merengues would drop some points at the Son Moix stadium, but who cares? Barça is the better team.

See, Real Madrid consists on a bunch of very expensive players put together by their money-blowing chairman, Florentino Perez. You just need to look back at the Galacticos era: Zidane became the most expensive player at the time, but Florentino also signed Ronaldo (the fatty one), Figo, Beckham... A bit like playing a FIFA videogame on PlayStation really.

Nowadays, the Blancos have broken their own Zizou transfer fee record by buying Cristiano Ronaldo (90 million euros) and Kaka (60 million euros). They have over-spent in buying flops such as Benzema (40 million) and Drenthe (20 million). They even blow their money on Spanish players such as Sergio Ramos (27 million) or Xabi Alonso (30 million).

And do you know about their salaries? Ronaldo is on 13 million euros per season, Kaka on 10 million, Benzema on 8.5, Raul on 7... And the list goes on forever.

As you can see, talking about Real Madrid is talking about millions. It is not about football anymore - A clear example of this: Beckham was signed because of the amount of tops Florentino would sell with his name on it!

Well, I think that is just ridiculous, don't you? I would be disgusted to support a team that some rich guy keeps buying with unlimited money. It would be like supporting a bank manager dressed in white shorts. Just wrong.

Instead, I support FC Barcelona. Yes, we also spend money on some of our players. Yes, some aren't cheap. But listen to this: Our team is based around La Masia players - For those who don't know about La Masia, it's where our best younger players live while they play in the youth squads, aged 10 to 20.

I love having Messi, Puyol, Pique, Iniesta, Bojan, Busquets, Jeffren, Valdes, Pedro, Xavi in the team don't you? Even Guardiola himself lived in La Masia as a youngster!

As Pep said, we may win La Liga this season, we may not. But that is not going to change how proud I am of my team. Barça not only win games, they do it with style: Tremendous speed, quick-passing, magical skills. Meanwhile, Madrid will keep spending their millions year after year, trying to be half as good as we are. They may even spend 12 million euros in signing Jose Mourinho next...

Força Barça!


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