No, this article won't be based on Franck Ribery's exotic/strange/weird looks. We all know that this guy is no Brad Pitt (or Victor Valdes, who some female Barça fans seem to be crazy about) but that doesn't mean the guy isn't a brilliant football player. In this article, I will explain why signing Ribery for Barça is a very ugly move.

Franck Ribery has been a massive asset to Bayern Munich since he joined them in 2007 for 25 million euros. He has been key to the Germans' success over the last to seasons, mainly because of his tremendous pace, crossing ability and energetic goal-scoring. If Bayern have made it to the Champions League final, be assured that it is mainly because of Franck Ribery.

But there are many things the Frenchman has done, and said, that make me think FC Barcelona will be better off signing other players instead.

Franck said to the Spanish press yesterday: 'My dream is to play for either Barça or Madrid in the future.' Well mate, if you are not sure which team you prefer out of the two, you are not welcome in the Nou Camp. Barça should never sign a player who isn't sure if he should sign for us or Real Madrid. That clearly shows he only cares about getting a high-profile contract with lots of money included.

The clash with Louis Van Gaal at Bayern also shows that the Frenchman is not always a team player. At the beginning of the season, Ribery simulated an injury for weeks because he wanted the German club to accept Real Madrid's offer to sign him. Van Gaal is as stubborn a manager as you an get, so the offer was rejected - This forced Ribery back into the Bayern squad, but his commitment was obviously lacking as a result.

Ribery is no stranger to the front pages in the tabloids either. His ongoing affairs, strings of girlfriends - including under-age prostitute Zahia Dehar - and other scandals would make him a clear distraction for our squad - A bit of a 'Cristiano Ronaldo', but uglier.

As well as all of those reasons, I believe we already have a number of players who can play well in the wings: Pedro, Messi, Iniesta... Plus, the team needs a central midfielder much more than a winger: Look back at the Inter Milan game, how much did we miss Iniesta then? If Cesc had been on the squad, that gap would have been covered.

Instead of wasting 80 million euros on Ribery, I would try to sign Cesc for 50 and Silva/Mata (from Valencia CF) for around 30.

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