FC Barcelona is in a priveledged position ahead of the last match of the season: We would be champions if we win our game against Valladolid at the Camp Nou. We are playing one of the so-called 'minor' teams in the league, and in normal circumstances we should walk all over them easily. And that's the main danger for Guardiola's players: To think that they have won the game before they even play it.

After finishing 15th in the last 2 seasons, it can't be a surprise that Valladolid is deeply involved in the relegation battle once again. They have had to appoint Javier Clemente as their manager half-way through the season as a result: That is never a good sign, is it? On top of all that, the Pucelanos come to Barcelona needing a win to ensure their survival - Failure to do so, and good results by Xerez, Racing, Tenerife or Malaga will mean they will be playing Segunda (2nd) Division football in 2011.

Valladolid is not likely to scare anybody with their attacking power either: They have only managed to score 37 goals in 37 matches - If you look at the fact that Leo Messi has scored 32 all by himself, you don't need to look any further.

Having said all of that, Pep has to make sure his players are well aware of what Valladolid have at stake in this game. Confidence is necessary for a team to be successful, but if it turns into arrogance there will be trouble.

Can we FC Barcelona win it?
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