Let's face it: Being a goalkeeper sucks most of time. You tend to keep still for most of the match, looking at how your teammates run around the pitch in their quest for victory. You only really get involved in the game when your opponents shoot at your goal - And make sure you don't mess up then, or the rest of your team, and definitely your coach, will blame you for their defeat.

FC Barcelona is no exception: We have a recent history of destroying our goalkeepers: Busquets (Sergio's dad), Rustu, Arnau, Enke are clear examples of this. Even Reina (who has been remarkable for Liverpool and Spain for many seasons now) was heavily critisized by the Catalan media and supporters when he played for FCB as a youngster.

Luckily for us, those times are over. Victor Valdes has been a regular for the team since his debut season in 2003. He has been key to the club's recent success and Guardiola wouldn't change him for any other keeper in the world. Look at this fact: Valdes won the 2005 Zamora trophy (awarded to La Liga's best goalie) after recieving 0,71 goals per game. Five years later, he is one game away from winning it again, with a better goal per game rate: 0,65.

Do you remember who was FC Barcelona's goalkeeper before Valdes?  Hard question, isn't it? Well, that shows how good Victor is - and has been.

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