I have read in Marca, one of the Madrid-based newspapers, that Barça have agreed the signing of David Villa in exchange for Bojan, Hleb and 40 million euros. Now, I don't believe that Marca has any more credibility than Mickey Mouse in a heavy-metal rock band, most of their 'exclusive news' are just made-up rumours with little evidence behind it. But let's assume that, for once, they have got it right.

Villa is one of the world's top-strikers. He has a history of consistant goal-scoring for Valencia CF over the last few years, bagging over 16 goals per season (including an astonishing 28-goal streak in the 2008-09 La Liga campaign) The Asturian player is also a proven star at international level, playing a key role in the impressive Euro 2008 victory for Spain. Now, looking at these numbers, it is clear that David Villa should be one of FC Barcelona's main targets for the summer. My problem is, we shouldn't try at sign him at any price.

Now, I don't have a problem in spending 40, even 50 million euros in signing such a high-profile player. And, as far as I'm concerned, Hleb can go play golf for the rest of his career. What I wouldn't like to do is selling Bojan Krkic - Our young player will definitely be the star of the future and, together with Messi, Iniesta, Pique and Valdes, will ensure a long-lasting dominance of the European and Spanish football scene.

David Villa is now 28 years old, while Bojan is only 19. Would I like Barça to sign Villa? Yes. Would I send Bojan to Valencia to get him? No way!

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