Alexis Sanchez: 'Barca is the biggest club on Earth'

Alexis Sanchez: 'I am joining FC Barcelona, the biggest club in the world, to show I'm a champion and I'm worth the money they have paid for me'

Alexis: 'What I need to do from now on is exactly what I've done throughout my career so far: Get on the pitch and play my football'

Alexis: 'Leo Messi? I'm proud to share a team with the best player on Earth. Me, being the Barca answer to Ronaldo? No thanks, I'm just Alexis Sanchez'

Alexis: 'I'd like to play against Madrid on 14th August but that doesn't depend on me'

- The Chiliean Dynamite Kid lands in Barcelona this afternoon but, with these words above, he has already shown he's worthy of a place in our squad.

I have heard many great things about our new striker: Let's hope he can perform for us on the pitch and adapts to his new teammates soon.

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