Alexis Sanchez: 'Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are excellent, I want to be at their level'

Alexis Sanchez: 'When I started my career, I told myself: 'I need to grow step by step' and, so far, that's been the case. I haven't jumped from a minor to a major club yet. I've always had to fight to get playing time in my teams'

Alexis Sanchez: 'I am conscious there are many excellent players at FC Barcelona (Messi, Xavi, Iniesta) and I want to be at their level, learning from them and the rest of my new teammates'

Alexis: 'I haven't spoken to Guardiola for long but, like any other coach, I believe he works towards winning every match, every competition. He's known for favouring attacking football which fans love'

Alexis: 'I can't wait to start, receive the ball on the pitch and show what I can do. In 'real life' though, I'm quite shy and enjoy simple things like watching movies and relaxing at home'

- Well, if 'El Niño Dinamita' plays as well as he speaks, we have a future world superstar here. I really hope he can adapt to Pep's formation and challenge Villa, Pedro and even Messi for a spot in our starting eleven.