Arsenal: 'We'll sell Cesc to Barça if they pay what he's worth'

It seems as if the Cesc saga is about to end: Arsenal's chief Hill-Wood has admitted, for the first time, they're ready to sell their captain.

Hill-Wood: 'FC Barcelona offered 30MILLeu, then some more, but if they want Fabregas they'll have to give us what he's worth. They've wasting their time for the last 18 months, they need to decide: Pay what we want or he'll stay at Arsenal'

- Considering Thiago's recent form, many Cules would wonder why we need to spend 40MILLeu in a player who left us in the first place. I still think we need Cesc in the team (they are perfectly compatible!) but we need to sign him in our terms, not Arsenal's.

I am also happy to see how Fabregas hasn't joined the Gunners squad since their preseason started and how he will accept a significant paycut to return to Barcelona. Would writing a transfer request help the situation? Of course, I don't know what he's waiting for!!!

Even Ferguson has advised Wenger to sell his captain, comparing this case to the 'Cristina Ronalda - Real Madrid' love story.

As a result, the Londoners seem to suddenly be in a rush to find out what the player will end up doing and have set up a deadline: The 5th of August. It feels as if the Barça waiting game is beginning to have some effect: Let's keep it that way then!!!