Barça 2-2 Porto Alegre (FCB win 4-2 on penalties) (MATCH REPORT and VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

FC Barcelona qualified for the Audi Cup final in Munich after beating Internacional de Porto Alegre 2-2, then 4-2 on penalties.

The Blaugranas were well led by Thiago and Iniesta during the first half, who were in control of the possession and made the Brazilian midfielders run behind the ball in classic FCB style. Mr Alcantara managed to convert a brilliant set piece cleverly masterminded by Pep Guardiola during training.

The second half was pretty strange, with Pinto being terribly clumsy in several occasions, allowing Porto Alegre to score 2 easy goals thanks to careless defending mistakes. Dos Santos scored but the final score was only 2-2.

FC Barcelona then won on penalties, goals by Villa, Jonathan dos Santos, Carmona and Armando.

Still early days, but yet another draw for Barça in this pre-season.



  1. Emil Udbjørg26.7.11

    Dos Santos had a great game aswell, actually all of our youngsters delivered. Only disappointment was Pinto

  2. Davinder Kaur26.7.11

    It was good.. Dont like their shirts. The navy ones look better the ones the subs wearing! all on all the games good to watch.

  3. Gokeola Gbadebo Omo26.7.11

    Barca remain Barca. Top of the world.

  4. Yayat Muzaiyat26.7.11

    even fcb qualified to final, but a lil bit get dissappointed, heumm..
    Pinto and barca's defenders are awful.
    Overall, they are awesome anyway.

  5. Jose Alberto Cordero26.7.11

    que cabronazo el pinto , que joio a ver si aprende a sacar el balon como valdes hacia la vanda cohones,jejejejeje pedazo de partido que se an marcado los chavales, buen futuro nos queda amigos cules a por la decima,j,ajajajajaajja

  6. Jerad Griffin26.7.11

    Good thing they missed twice otherwise pinto would've lost it for us.

  7. Ibrahim Athuman26.7.11

    Guuuuuuud bt its gud 2 win on the pitch thn penalties so i hop in final we wont miss anychance bt u did wel al player...

  8. Tom Rogers26.7.11

    Pinto is one of the worst goalkeepe in professional football i`ve ever seen in the last years. I don`t know why Barca took this loser as their second goalkeeper.

  9. Drago Robert Meze27.7.11

    In fairness to Pinto, I have seen him keep very well in previous games when he has filled in for VV. However, his performance in this game leaves one wondering about the quality of the Barca B goalkeepers. Lets hope this effort was just an aberration.


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