Barça considers European Superleague competition

European football, as we know it, might be about to change. Major clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea are increasingly tired of UEFA's lack of communication and inability to share their revenue fairly.

As you may expect, the main reason for this 'revolution' is MONEY: Clubs don't understand the point behind having UEFA organising the Champions League, considering the competition's profit is purely based on business produced by their fanbase. 'Surely we can do that ourselves?!??!', wondered the Mr Riches of European football.

Talks with Murdoch's TV empire (who also wants to take over Formula 1) have already started as the idea has been considered and worked on for the last few months.

FC Barcelona are currently taking a step back and, while they are informed of what's going on, are happy to just wait and see what the others decide in the end.

- If you are a regular reader of my blog (THANK YOU!) you already know I don't particularly love UEFA or FIFA as I don't believe they have the interest of football at heart: It's all about business.

While I feel the idea of having a Superleague with, say, 16 European teams competing against each other on a weekly basis, I worry for the minor teams.

A club like Sporting de Gijon (just an example) creates most of their revenue from ticket sales against FC Barcelona or Real Madrid plus TV rights from La Liga. If FCB and Los Blancos didn't take part in the Spanish League, interest to watch this competition would simply be non-existent.

Plus, I'm a bit of a romantic and quite like the shape of that big-eared Champions League trophy FC Barcelona have already won FOUR times (Just though I would drop that in there, in case anyone forgot how brilliant we are!!)