Barça Video: AMAZING Alexis Sanchez skills!!!!


  1. thanks to Alando for posting the photo and Toghrul for the video on our Facebook wall : )

  2. Anonymous15.8.11

    hala madrid love you .... 9 time european champions

  3. Anonymous15.8.11

    hope you fail in defending your european cup just the way you were thrashed by inter 3-1 in 2010 ...and please dont even mention about money as if 37 million euros isnt lots of money...pretentious fool lets see what you will win and for how long...

  4. @Anonymous: I sense you are a bit angry about Madrid's lack of trophies in recent years...

    Don't worry my friend, we may buy you a DVD with Messi's ELEVEN goals against Casillas, you'll love it.


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