Bojan Krkic is expected to sign his Roma contract as soon as the transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Barça is officially confirm by our club.

Pep Guardiola wanted to have a replacement for Mr Krkic before letting him join Luis Enrique in his new Italian adventure and landing the Chilean winger at the Camp Nou seems the perfect excuse to offload the Catalan youngster.

- As you know, I was a massive Bojan fan when he joined Barcelona's first team at just 17 years old, playing alongside the likes of Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Deco and making a remarkable impact.

Despite what everyone expected though, the Catalan striker failed to mantain his form and leaving the club with a buyback clause seems to be the best option at this moment in time.

It's not goodbye, it's see you later.


Mientras, Ramon Sostres, el representante de Bojan, también espera una llamada del Barcelona que le confirme que Alexis Sánchez ya es jugador del Barça. Cuando reciba esa llamada, Bojan partirá hacia Roma para ponerse ya a las órdenes de Luis Enrique.


  1. Anonymous13.7.11

    i am a Krkic fan. He is a darling player and I hope him going to Roma will bring out the star in him rather than let him down the drainage.

  2. Is really confirmed...i mean Sanchez's signing?

  3. Jerad Griffin13.7.11

    It still makes me sad thinking of Bojan wearing a different jersey. I hope he kicks ass at Roma and comes back to Barca to kick more ass.

  4. Drago13.7.11

    I am personally sorry to see Bojan leave. However, I agree that he has not realised his potential with Barca. I hope that moving to Roma enables Bojan to become the player we all know he can be. When that happens, I would love to see Bojan return to Barca as an integral member of the team.

  5. Anonymous13.7.11

    I feel he'll never come back soon. He'll be as good as Totti in a few years at Rome. But, I'm damn sure he'll come back later and retire at the Camp Nou.

  6. I jope he Bojan comes back soon!! He is a Barca material....I will miss him!!

  7. Olivia13.7.11

    Its really sad to see Bojan leave Barca!! it was awesome to see him shine alongside Messi-Xavi-Iniesta. But iI do hope he achieves everything we know he can. But all i cant for him is to COME BACK TO BARCA!!

  8. Anonymous14.7.11

    Happy that barca can buy you back , I hope he has a good season in Roma and I can't wait to have him back in Barca :) i'll watch a Roma game for Bojan !


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