Cesc MUST write that transfer request or he'll be forced to stay at Arsenal

As most of the people in this planet, I'm disgustingly tired of the Cesc - FC Barcelona transfer saga. Bringing the Catalan midfielder back home seems harder than proving whether Lady Gaga is male or female.

To be honest, I don't understand why Fabregas hasn't simply used a pen to write a transfer request, then packed his stuff and ended this non-sense. It has worked for many others, including Real Madrid's Xabi Alonso, so what is he waiting for?

Grandpa Wenger will clearly not let him leave this summer unless he can blame his captain for it. In the eyes of the Arsenal fans, the club lacks ambition and seems to be a feeder club for others, buying cheap, young players then selling them on. But I wonder: Why is it OK to sell Clichy, Adebayor, Henry during their peak but not Cesc? You stole him from us in the first place!!!

The Gunners' fans are already unimpressed with Cesc's refusal to train with the squad: Writing a letter would NOT make things that much worse...



  1. Cesc should not have signed the long new contract last year... However, he should have handed in the transfer request by now, and he could full well pay some of the transfer money from his own pocket and accept a pay cut at Barcelona, like Masche did last summer. He fought to come to Barcelona. Cesc is doing absolutely nothing.

    Tbh, I don't see this transfer happening. And the tedious saga will drag on and on.

  2. Anonymous26.7.11

    I dont understand...

  3. Chika Konkwo26.7.11

    Who cares again cos dis is totally disgustn, if he likes let him be thr nd remain trophyless 4 d rest of his career, after all we re doing him a big favor, let him stay thr b4 he wil knw his worth wil be reducn as tm goes on cos younger players like thiago nd co re cmn up, he better mk hay whl d sun is still shinning!

  4. Zeinab Hammoud26.7.11

    it's not that easy for cesc to do. I mean if he does that and the transfer doesn't happen then all the arsenal rans will hate cesc which is not a good sign for him. And if he doesn't write some kind of petition people say that he's not doing enough effort to come to barca. It's wenger's fault. He's playing the wrong game. He wants to keep cesc fabregas because he's his captain. Cesc is not responsible for what's happening. Cesc is a victim of the ungoing transfer saga. I hope that he comes to barca this summer or someday at least, so he can live his dream.

  5. Cesc is not a victim.

  6. Brighton Rajab Musa26.7.11

    fab is in no man's land n i think so far he's being proffesional ofcourse i want him at barca bt i wldnt force him 2 do sumthang that wouldliterally jeopardise his standing with us the cules or the arsenal fans

  7. Jerad Griffin26.7.11

    What he needs to do is go on tv and publicly announce that Wenger is really Mr. Bean with a bad accent and then see what happens.

  8. It would be good to have Cesc but he is taking the piss, if he wants to rot at the Emirates then let him! He is going to cost too much money as well, Arsenal just taking advantage of how much Barça want him. We won the CL and La Liga last season! Could of won more apart from little errors. We don't NEEEEEEED him, just want him! My point is, if he ain't going to make a stand to get to the Nou Camp, then just leave him at the Arse!!!

  9. Brent Acosta26.7.11

    Cesc is a jackass. If he really wants to come back why hasn't he submitted his transfer why is he letting xavi and the like talk about the situation. Barca have been in London since last week negotiating and still no movement by cesc to make this happen. Cecilia is right if he so wants to be at barca he should do everything in his power to do so including telling stupid wenger he wants out now


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