The Madrid-based media report today that FC Barcelona will offer 50MILLeu for Neymar next summer.

Sure, the guy is a good player, but I really don't want anyone to break the peace in our dressing room with superstar attitudes.

Barca is a TEAM, not a bunch of players put together!!!
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  1. Anonymous17.7.11

    NEYMAR COME TO BARCA! He is still young so he can learn how to become a better barcelona they will teach him that.

  2. Drago Robert Meze18.7.11

    I think that some of the negative comments directed at Neymar are harsh given that he is still young and has time to mature. That being said, I also think that Barca not should sign him. He is not a player we need. We should not try to sign a player just because Madrid seem to want to. We should concentrate on ourselves and let everyone worry about us, not the other way around.

  3. Akala Woleola18.7.11

    We fcb fans don't need neymar @ all

  4. Sheagun E Holalere18.7.11

    no.......defenders defenders


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