Guardiola: 'Bojan? I never stop trusting my own players'

Guardiola hasn't needed to long to reply to Bojan Krkic's words when he left Barça.

Bojan complained about the lack of confidence and playing time Pep gave him while still in Barcelona. The Catalan coach replied today: 'The last thing I lose is the confidence in my players, whether they play, start from the bench or even have left the team'

- To be honest, Mr Krkic has nothing to whine about. During his last season at the Camp Nou, he played many more minutes than he actually deserved, especially after the January transfer window and the arrival of Ibrahim Afellay. Does anyone here remember how Ibi assisted Messi in the away leg at the Bernabeu in the Champions League semis? If Bojan had played that match, Real Madrid would probably be celebrating their tenth European Cup by now!!!



  1. Anonymous27.7.11

    I think ur words " If Bojan had played that match, Real Madrid would probably be celebrating their tenth European Cup by now!!!" is totally wrong.....U dont expect Bojan to perform Magic if he is just given 5-10 minutes of play time. I hope he gets in the starting 11 in Roma and start showing how good a player that he is....and I HOPE HE IS BACK IN BARCA AFTER 2 YEARS :) !!!!

  2. Wow, Pep says things as they are! Me gusta! Very good, and totally true. Bojan truly has nothing to whine about. He should take a leaf out of Masche's or indeed Ibi's book. Masche never complained about his lack of playing time during autumn and winter but was always there for the team, also on the bench. He came from the bench to help Messi when he'd fallen on Javi Varas during the game against Sevilla and made him get up when no-one else could. Leo came back to play in the second half. And when given a chance, he always gave 100% and Pep gave him more and more chances because he was always so brilliant. Masche also played out of position, as a LB and a CB, and was happy to do his part for the team.

    Grow up, Bojan! This is like Ibra Part 2, except that Bojan is from la Masia and really should know better, especially as he's supposed to return in a few years. A very bad, selfish attitude.

    I'm really pleased with Pep's words. Well said! :)

  3. Drago Robert Meze27.7.11

    I will acknowledge that Bojan probably should not have anything on this matter. However, he was simply expressing his disappointment at how things went last year and that he now has to leave in order to re-establish himself. Naturally, Bojan's biggest critic has seen fit to write another essay rubbishing him. As for us not beating Madrid if Bojan had have played instead of Affelay, we were alweays going to beat Madrid. If we needed to win the second leg, we would have. Who knows, Bojan may have even scored the winner!!!!

  4. Renée Zeichen Ortega27.7.11


  5. Marcin Culé Dutczak27.7.11

    I think if he left the team then he shouldn't complain he should be sad and be quite. I would be sad if i left if i played for barca i would thank pep for all he has done for me and just with a smile on my face.

  6. Anonymous2.8.11

    Anonymous- 27.7.11
    Its so totaly true what you say!!!!!!!!!! And I really hope that he get much playtime and scores plenty of goals. Becasue that is what he need. A player cant get better if he cant play more than 10 minnutes of a game. He has so much talent (and he showed that he can score and that he have a big talent when he played with catalunya and other times) and he is young and have time and potensial to get better.

    Marcin cule dutczak- I think the most important thing for a player is to play football and i understand why he wanted to leave because he almost didnt play. And he was sad about leaving the club And how do you know how their relasionship was and what guardiola did for him?


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