MADRIDISTAS: From Barcelona, with love: Champions League final 2011 VIDEO, watch and learn!!!

Dear Barcabloggers: Apparently we have some trolls visiting our site. I thought I would leave them a loving reply...

Commenting on my Redondo, Real Madrid legend, attacks referee!!! article:

Anonymous said: Just like Messi was just hitting puberty when Redondo was winning Champions League (as El Capitan) for Madrid? You're PATHETIC.


Anonymous said: Lol, this blog is pathetic

So I thought it may be worth posting a lovely reply to them:

@Anonymous Madridistas above: Thank you for taking your time for commenting on this BARCA blog.

Considering you are unable to leave your REAL name, I don't feel obliged to reply to you, but I'd say one thing:

I understand it must be hard to see FCB winning every single trophy while you keep signing megastars like Coentrao or Canales, but you don't have to take it on us.

I can also see how Redondo would have impressed you in the past: He had beautiful, flowing hair and, as we all know, Madrid fans quite like players who look good on camera.

I'm not pathetic, I'm actually quite a good guy. To prove it, here is a present: Enjoy watching the Wembley 2011 Champions League highlights (Your beloved Mourinho also watched this match from his hotel room)

I know it may seem complicated to guess how it works, but you just need to click PLAY (the triangular button in the centre) and learn.

PS: Actually, if you're good, I may even post a photo of Mourinho next time and dedicate it to you, so you can look at it at night, before bedtime.



  1. Drago Robert Meze31.7.11

    Bravo Tom!!! No toma algo mierda de las putas madridistas!!!! Yo siempre disfruto mirar esto partido. Espero que las madridistas tambien lo se divertan.


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