MADRIDISTAS: From Barcelona, with love: Champions League final 2011 VIDEO, watch and learn!!!

Dear Barcabloggers: Apparently we have some trolls visiting our site. I thought I would leave them a loving reply...

Commenting on my Redondo, Real Madrid legend, attacks referee!!! article:

Anonymous said: Just like Messi was just hitting puberty when Redondo was winning Champions League (as El Capitan) for Madrid? You're PATHETIC.


Anonymous said: Lol, this blog is pathetic

So I thought it may be worth posting a lovely reply to them:

@Anonymous Madridistas above: Thank you for taking your time for commenting on this BARCA blog.

Considering you are unable to leave your REAL name, I don't feel obliged to reply to you, but I'd say one thing:

I understand it must be hard to see FCB winning every single trophy while you keep signing megastars like Coentrao or Canales, but you don't have to take it on us.

I can also see how Redondo would have impressed you in the past: He had beautiful, flowing hair and, as we all know, Madrid fans quite like players who look good on camera.

I'm not pathetic, I'm actually quite a good guy. To prove it, here is a present: Enjoy watching the Wembley 2011 Champions League highlights (Your beloved Mourinho also watched this match from his hotel room)

I know it may seem complicated to guess how it works, but you just need to click PLAY (the triangular button in the centre) and learn.

PS: Actually, if you're good, I may even post a photo of Mourinho next time and dedicate it to you, so you can look at it at night, before bedtime.