The most annoying lineup in world football!!!

I was just talking to one of my friends and he came up with a brilliant idea: Who would be in the most annoying lineup in world football?

OK, so here goes mine:

Team Name: Douchebag United

Goalkeeper: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - I would give the Flamenco defender a chance in goal, considering his oops-I-dropped-the-cup 'accident'.

Left back: Marcelo (Real Madrid): Sorry, just can't stand his 1970s afro hair!!!

Right back: Ashley Cole (Chelsea): Hooking up with Page 3 girls while being married to Cheryl Cole can't be a good thing...

Central defender: John Terry (Chelsea): When you're team captain, leave your teammates' wives alone.

Defensive midfielder: Pepe (Real Madrid): I haven't nicknamed this guy 'The Psycho' for nothing...

Right midfielder: Figo (Real Madrid): You must be a proper disgusting person to leave Barcelona for Madrid when you are the Catalan's captain... PIG!!!

Left midfielder: Giggs (Manchester United): Imogen Thomas. If you don't know who she is, just Google her!!

Attacking midfielder: De Jong (Holland): Karate-kicking Xabi Alonso during the World Cup final... That deserves a spot in this team!

Right wing: Cristina Ronalda (Real Madrid): The frustrated Portuguese whiner is so annoying that I can't begin to explain the reasons why he's here... TEAM CAPTAIN for sure!!!!

Left wing: Balotelli (Manchester City): His childish behaviour on the pitch makes him a laughing stock wherever he goes.

Striker: Pippo Inzaghi (AC Milan): Honestly now, can anyone tell me how this 67 year-old is still playing?

Manager: Jose Mou5inho, aka The 5pecial FIVE. Losing to FC Barcelona 5-0, then the Champions League semis and blaming it on Unicef = Priceless!!!



  1. Jhon odey26.7.11

    Pls.cant just help laughing out loud..ur lineup is d most perfect one..HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Sana Khan26.7.11

    lmao urs is great can't make one better than this lol

  3. Marcin Dutczak26.7.11

    this is good but there is also one annoying player his name is Angel di maria he annoys me when ever any one touches him he is down worst than ronaldo

  4. Marcin Dutczak26.7.11

    football players have to stay up like messi he gets kicked and keeps going only if its bad he falls down

  5. Marcin Dutczak26.7.11

    sometimes it takes 5 kicks on messi before he goes down or scores :D

  6. Carlos Martínez26.7.11

    Your line-up is pretty good and I agree with almost all choices with the exception of:
    -Marcelo: I know the real reason you might dislike him is because he plays for Real Madrid, but listing him as annoying because of the Afro hairdo? Come on.
    - Inzaghi: He still has some football in him and has flashes of brilliance. Not longer seen much in the starting 11 btw, IMO he's still a solid bench player.

    Off the top of my mind, I would probably replace Marcelo with Marco Materazzi and Inzaghi with diver extraordinaire Angel Di Maria.

  7. Tom Barcablog26.7.11

    @Carlos: You're right. The Afro hairdo only adds up to the 'I play for Madrid' factor : )


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