The most annoying lineup in world football!!!

I was just talking to one of my friends and he came up with a brilliant idea: Who would be in the most annoying lineup in world football?

OK, so here goes mine:

Team Name: Douchebag United

Goalkeeper: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - I would give the Flamenco defender a chance in goal, considering his oops-I-dropped-the-cup 'accident'.

Left back: Marcelo (Real Madrid): Sorry, just can't stand his 1970s afro hair!!!

Right back: Ashley Cole (Chelsea): Hooking up with Page 3 girls while being married to Cheryl Cole can't be a good thing...

Central defender: John Terry (Chelsea): When you're team captain, leave your teammates' wives alone.

Defensive midfielder: Pepe (Real Madrid): I haven't nicknamed this guy 'The Psycho' for nothing...

Right midfielder: Figo (Real Madrid): You must be a proper disgusting person to leave Barcelona for Madrid when you are the Catalan's captain... PIG!!!

Left midfielder: Giggs (Manchester United): Imogen Thomas. If you don't know who she is, just Google her!!

Attacking midfielder: De Jong (Holland): Karate-kicking Xabi Alonso during the World Cup final... That deserves a spot in this team!

Right wing: Cristina Ronalda (Real Madrid): The frustrated Portuguese whiner is so annoying that I can't begin to explain the reasons why he's here... TEAM CAPTAIN for sure!!!!

Left wing: Balotelli (Manchester City): His childish behaviour on the pitch makes him a laughing stock wherever he goes.

Striker: Pippo Inzaghi (AC Milan): Honestly now, can anyone tell me how this 67 year-old is still playing?

Manager: Jose Mou5inho, aka The 5pecial FIVE. Losing to FC Barcelona 5-0, then the Champions League semis and blaming it on Unicef = Priceless!!!