Redondo, Real Madrid legend, attacks referee!!!

Diario Ole has reported today that Fernando Redondo, former Real Madrid player, decided to hit, push, kick then insult the referee while playing an amateur match in Argentina!!!

Redondo's team were drawing 3-3 when the ex-Madrid player was booked with a yellow card. Suddenly, the midfielder went crazy (Pepe The Psycho style) and went for the poor referee who, as a result, spent several weeks in hospital.

- It seems as if the 'Real-Mandril' gene stays with players long after leaving El Bernabeu, making them unable to behave like simple humans, turning them into some sort of low-life organisms.

Or maybe Redondo was simply reacting to his frustration while watching Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and friends lifting the Champions League at Wembley... Who knows?

One thing is clear though: MADRID ARE PATHETIC!!!!!!!!