Thiago or Cesc? Thiago AND Cesc!!!!

Now the Audi Cup is finished, it is clear that Thiago Alcantara's amazing performance, scoring 3 out 4 FC Barcelona's goals, is the highlight of the whole tournament.

The 'Samba' youngster has not only been a part of Guardiola's team: He has LED us to victory and left his quality mark in both matches, scoring beautiful, important goals and feeding the never-ending debate: Does Barça need Cesc?

Well, I say: YES, we do. While Thiago will obviously have a bigger part to play this season, he is a different player to Fabregas. 'Samba' Alcantara is more attacking, anarchic, likely to create unexpected magic. Cesc would bring Premiership experience, game control, a closer alternative to Xavi.

Would Cesc be cheaper than 40MILLeu next summer? Of course, but if Guardiola (our most successful coach EVER) thinks he would improve the squad and Rosell has money to spend (otherwise they wouldn't be bidding for him!) there's only one answer: BRING CESC TO THE CAMP NOU!!!!



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    Barça have Thiago, is Cesc still needed? // Teniendo a Thiago, hace falta Cesc?

    Yes (21%)

    No (79%)

  2. Anonymous28.7.11

    Nope...cesc should lay is ass low in England OR should force a transfer. #Alex

  3. Mercè Amat28.7.11

    Perquè voler gastar diner inútilment !!!! Tenim un superb jugador no en necessitem cap mes en aquesta demarcació ....

  4. Eugene Ebrahim Bosman28.7.11

    dear lord! maybe one should wish for cesc's death, coz dis obsession is screwing with all of us. We dnt need him. it has been prooven over and over and over again. WE DNT NEED Fabrigas my hell!

  5. Els De Pauw28.7.11

    I say both. Couldn't agree more here. Nobody would say Iniesta OR Xavi... And both are great on their own, but even better together. Let's hope this can also be the case for Thiago and Cesc...

  6. Marcin Culé Dutczak28.7.11

    thiago and cesc . Thiago is good but cesc is also what we have been fiighting for so we need him

  7. Enrico Sui28.7.11

    Barca needs at a moment more good forward, than a playmaker midfielder! Sanchez and Thiago are very goood choice at a moment! looks like a Cesc waits bigger transfer salary! Barca got an excellent playmaker, who`s a Best In The World in his job! XAVI!!!!

  8. Ryan Mikhael Ratag28.7.11

    Thiago shows his best and he's capable to play under pressure, but it will be great for cesc if he comes, this is time for him to return

  9. Anonymous28.7.11

    Cesc ! obviously Barca can move one step ahead with fabregas in squad !! Bt its STUPIDNESS to spend 40M for a mid fielder !! Alrdy barca have world class players in mid field including xavi iniesta busquets mascheranO thiagO (n Messi) !!
    N forwards are also top class ( messi villa pedro sanchez affelay) !

    So as for my opinion BARCA DONT WANT CESC !
    If barca thinks dt 40M has to be spend in this summer .. better try to buy defenders. .as puyol is suffering frm injury !


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