WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho hit disaster in Los Angeles!!!

Cristina Ronalda has added major chaos to Real Madrid's pre-season training in Los Angeles, USA.

Very reliable sources have reported that Ronalda's make-up bag has unexpectedly gone missing!!! Oh no!! What is he going to do when the paparazzi start following him around Hollywood Boulevard??

Mourinho: 'We are very concerned about this incident. I blame UEFA and FC Barcelona for everything that has happened. Porque? It's all Iniesta's fault. He is envious because he's envious of Cristiano's golden skin and perfectly plucked eyebrows. Porque? Porque?'

; )


  1. Anonymous15.7.11

    fuck this

  2. Anonymous15.7.11

    stupid Mourinho is a guy

  3. Roque Sanchez15.7.11

    i live in los angeles. im gonn go boo them in their training

  4. Raquel Esmeralda Mejia15.7.11

    yea, i live in the area too, in LA and they are gonna play against the Galaxy ♥ i love the Galaxy with all my heart! i hope we can beat them :D ugh, i hate madrid -___-

  5. Raquel Esmeralda Mejia15.7.11

    and, ahahahahahahahah! the article is hilarious xD "porque!?"

  6. maybe cristina can borrow beckhams makeup bag! :p

  7. Rob Jones15.7.11

    Good luck to Galaxy,
    I hope you beat them and hopefully injure the girl!
    Barça <3

  8. I insist, Mandriles, just stay away from our posts, don't you have anything interesting in la central lechera to talk about?????

  9. Anonymous5.8.11

    hahahahahah.....please some one go to them for clean their tears..............

  10. Anonymous6.8.11

    We should buy him a bag of make-up. Obviously its gonna cheer him up....

  11. Anonymous20.8.11

    Barca for ever...My love from Greece


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