Xavi: 'Real Madrid are stronger than last season'

Xavi: 'Real Madrid are definitely stronger than last year'

Xavi: 'Los Blancos have bought quality players such as Coentrao, Callejón or Sahin. The Turk footballer has proven to be very skilled'

Xavi: 'Mourinho doesn't annoy us anymore. He actually is a great motivation for us, which we need: Us Catalans can be a bit too relaxed sometimes! Mou is a born winner and would do anything for success'

- While I respect The Commander's words, I disagree: This FC Barcelona squad doesn't need any Portuguese clowns to make them hungry for victory. Pep Guardiola is perfectly capable of getting the best out of our team without some frustrated Real Madrid coach accusing us of diving, drug-taking or whatever other stories he may come up with next season.

Having said that, Mr 5pecial FIVE is really easy to make fun of!!! ; )



  1. Asis Espinoza28.7.11

    Well then make your team as strong as theirs and don't pay attention to them pay attention to your team you and your feature luv you Barcelona and I hope I see you guys when u come to sun life stadium in Florida .


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