Alexis Sanchez impressed in his Barça debut

Alexis Sanchez: 'I have played the way I know how to, but I can still do so much better'

Alexis Sanchez: 'I have played the way I know how to, but I can still do so much better. I got help from Leo Messi during the game, he was correcting my positioning on the pitch as we went along. That's what good teammates are for!'

Alexis Sanchez: 'I am tired but should be fit again for the return match on Wednesday. I am anxious about playing at the Camp Nou, FC Barcelona always wants to win and that's our target'

Guardiola: 'Alexis Sanchez had a more than acceptable debut. He worked tirelessly on both wings and helped the team in such a demanding match'

- I was thoroughly impressed by Alexis 'Dinamita' Sanchez since he first touched the ball at the Bernabeu. He was facing Marcelo and Sergio Ramos, the fastest, meanest defenders in La Liga, against Madrid at the Bernabeu, our toughest rivals.

But he wasn't faced by it: Alexis was brave with his dribbling, aggressive in defense and, as he explained, humble enough to understand he needs to learn from our stars (Messi, Xavi...) to get even better.



  1. Idris Adeneye16.8.11

    I know it wont take time for him to fit into d team. He is surely one of d best signing of guardiola unlike abrahimovic who is surely d worst. I think with this season signings we wld surely bag more trophies this season

  2. Charlz Dike16.8.11

    Sanchez is a plus to our team

  3. Alexis played really well, and with a big heart... And with his commitment, great attitude, and both mental and physical courage, he will go far indeed. Let him start. He and Masche are the hardest, most fearless workers in the squad (in addition to the best player in the world, Messi, and VV -- especially against Madrid... ;) Victor's always in top form against a Mou team...) and what they may lack in height compared to their opposite numbers on the pitch, they more than make up with sheer mental toughness and skills.

    Sanchez is a street player from South America, just like Masche, and it shows... He's got great natural instincts and they're combined with intelligence and ability to read the game and positioning well -- the latter two gifts of the great madman Marcelo Bielsa. I knew he'd do well at Barcelona, having seen so many games where he played for Chile and Udinese both.

    Vamos Alexis! Buena suerte! The first goal is only a matter of (very short) time.

  4. Should Alexis Sánchez start for Barça against Madrid? His debut was impressive...

  5. Bhasyajit Mukherjee17.8.11

    i think he shouldnt coz it looks dat he still need a bit more practise to adjust..

  6. Nathan Diamond Orobor17.8.11

    yes dat trick star shud start cos he is too gud for marcelo......

  7. Adam Parsons17.8.11

    I agree put the full team out to start with maybe thiago instead of Xavi because of injuries, and maybe the same back line again

  8. Šaretović Dženan17.8.11

    Yes of course, and Fabregas also should be starting he is Cules he s ready to play


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