Alexis Sanchez, Leo Messi and Mascherano, back to Barça on Monday, gone by Tuesday!!

Alexis Sanchez, Leo Messi and Mascherano will train with the rest of the Barça squad on Monday. WELCOME TO FC BARCELONA ALEXIS, WE MISSED YOU MESSI AND MASCHERANO!!! But AS9 then leaves on Tuesday...

It seems like a bad joke, but it's far from it: Alexis will join FC Barcelona on Monday 8th August but has been called up by the Chilean national team for a friendly against France on the 10th. That gives him a total of TWO training sessions under Pep Guardiola before the Spanish Supercopa against Real Madrid on the 14th.

- How can FIFA be so greedy? I mean, they just took a massive chunk of our FC Barcelona players' holiday and want them back for a pointless friendly 2 weeks after the Copa America final?



  1. Ceci6.8.11

    But Leo and Masche will stay... <3 And they would have joined FCB earlier, but Pep told them to carry on with their holidays.

    The question is: where is the Brazilian, Dani Alves?

  2. Chika Konkwo7.8.11

    Cn't wait 2 c d prince of soccer in action (messi), welcm 2 barca As9 nd masce 2, up Fcb!

  3. Drago Robert Meze7.8.11

    Here we go with these expletive friendlies again. Yes it is FIFA who schedule them. But it is the national associations who call the top players up. Lets also not forget that the players can refuse to go.


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