Barça 3-2 Madrid >> Positives and Negatives

Yes, that's right. FC Barcelona start the new season exactly where we left it: Winning trophies.

Yes, that's right. FC Barcelona start the new season exactly where we left it: Winning every single trophy within reach while feeling the nasty shadow of Mou5555inho and his slaves upon us.


1. The Barça Spirit

It was clear at many stages of this Supercopa final that Real Madrid was fitter than us. Whenever there was a battle for a loose ball in midfield, you sensed Los Blancos had a slight edge to fight for it. Despite this fact though, Los Cules never gave up and left their souls on the pitch. Dani Alves held Ronalda to an offside goal and only one proper shot on goal, Mascherano added experience and muscle to our defense, Messi kept attempting to dribble one-on-one despite knowing he'd quite probably be kicked badly by Pepe The Psycho and friends on every occasion. PROUD OF OUR PLAYERS!!!!

2. The Camp Nou Roared

People who live in Barcelona traditionally go on holiday in August, which helps the many tourists we have invade our streets and virtually take control of the city. Rosell decided that the Barça ticketholders (Socis) had to pay for yesterday's match: Many of the Camp Nou regulars refused and gave/sold their tickets to a 'younger' generation or city visitors. The result? Well, add fresh blaugrana blood to loud Cule foreigners, start a El Clasico match at 11pm and (JACKPOT!!!) you get one of the loudest Camp Nou crowd in recent years. THE FANS ROARED AND LIFTED OUR PLAYERS TO VICTORY!!!


1. Madrid Scored Too Easily

It takes a lot of effort to win a football match but, when our rival is Real Madrid, the task gets even harder. The small details count more than ever, aspects like winning second balls become crucial. Barça simply can't receive TWO goals from lame corners. It's not acceptable. We need to be tighter in defense. Yes, we won the trophy, but Leo Messi may not be able to manage a double next time.