Barça Debate: Which new player will be more important this season: Cesc, Alexis, Thiago or Fontas?

Which new player will be more important: Alexis, Cesc, Fontas or Thiago? VOTE and COMMENT here:

Which new player will be more important?


  1. Anonymous20.8.11

    Cesc Fabregas.
    Barcelona have only 4 main forwards. If one of them gets injured, Iniesta would be the preferred man to fill in the wings along with the other three. And Cesc will play a very important role at that moment to fill as the main play-maker for the team. Also, Cesc will be very useful in filling in for Xavi when he gets tired later in the season. Until December, I see a usually expected Cesc starting on the bench and coming in as a super sub. But after December, he will be as important as Xavi-Iniesta for the team.

  2. Anonymous20.8.11


  3. Anonymous20.8.11

    Cesc fàbregas...Es sin duda el mejor fichaje, visión de juego,habilidad en el 1 contra 1, gran pase i bastante capacidad de gol..

  4. Anonymous20.8.11

    i am sure if they are all given a chance then they will all do well.

  5. Anonymous20.8.11

    i think Fabreagas.
    But also Fontas, is a very good player : )

  6. Anonymous20.8.11

    Alexis, because he is a fast winger.

  7. Alexis, as he can be the quality sub for all of the front three.

  8. Alexis because he can be a sub for all in the front three and he's a little Chilean bull! A lot of fight in Sanchez. Also, the marvellous Marcelo Bielsa has trained him and it shows. Vamos Alexis!

    Mind you, the others are great players as well.


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