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Tom Barçablog's Match Report

Barça have won the 2011/12 Joan Gamper trophy after defeating Napoli 5-0, goals by Cesc Fabregas, Keita, Pedro and Messi (x2) in a match that showed that the Pep Team 4.0 is going to be as strong, if not stronger, than its predecessors.

FC Barcelona:

Pinto; Montoya (Dos Santos, min.46), Fontás (Abidal, min.64), Piqué (Bartra, min.46), Adriano, Keita (Sergio Busquets, min.64), Thiago (Xavi, min.59), Iniesta (Sergi Roberto, min.46), Kiko Femenía (Cuenca, min.46), Cesc (Messi, min.57) and Villa (Pedro, min.46).


De Sanctis (Rosati, min.83); Campagnaro (Grava, min.82), Cannavaro, Britos (Arónica, min.40); Maggio (Victor Ruíz, min.78), Dzemali, Inler (Donadel, min.59, Dossena (Lucarelli, min.78); Lavezzi (Zuñiga, min.59), Hamsik (Santana, min.68); Cavani (Mascara, min.68).


1-0: Fàbregas, min.26. 2-0: Keita, min.31. 3-0: Pedro, min.62. 4-0: Messi, min.66. 5-0: Messi, min.77.

MAN OF THE MATCH (Barça-Napoli)

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KEITA (2-0)

PEDRO (3-0)

MESSI (4-0)

MESSI (5-0)


  1. HALFTIME, Barça 2-0 Napoli, goals by Cesc Fàbregas and Seydou Keita

    - What do you think of the match so far? Who is standing out? Força Barça!!!!

  2. Ron Kim Blaugrana22.8.11

    fabregas and adriano played great 1st half.. villa unlucky..

  3. Suren Avagyan22.8.11

    nice game :) i wait from Thiago more ;)

  4. Ismail Abdullahi Kundi22.8.11

    More to come from FCB

  5. Paola Calvo Mora22.8.11

    ‎5 a 0 Visca Barca exc!!!

  6. Javier Ching22.8.11

    great game, we are in great form! i cant wait until la liga starts again!

  7. Odofin Felix22.8.11

    It was natural! i'm actually getting used to winning...when will Barca lose?

  8. Ibraheem Olalekan Lawal22.8.11

    sometimes u win sometime u lose,,

  9. Marcin Culé Dutczak22.8.11

    We played really well i want to see that kind of play in the league so we will win it again plus barca will still get better so we should win it well i hope

  10. Marcin Culé Dutczak22.8.11

    I am happy that cesc scored today wish this was his first match it would make a nice début

  11. I wonder where the haters who used to call Cesc Fàbregas names like FabricASS are hiding now after his tremendous performance tonight...


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