Barça Video: FC Barcelona 1-4 Chivas Guadalajara (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

FC Barcelona 1-4 Chivas Guadalajara, watch all goals and highlights below!


  1. Alando Robinson4.8.11

    Barca lost, but I dont care! Its not a serious match
    VISCA BARCA!!!!!

  2. Drago Robert Meze4.8.11

    Its hard to form a definitive opinion. On one hand, most of our players were not regulars. On the other hand, it is a worry that the goals conceded were all quick breakaways against a high defensive line.

  3. Roque Geo Sanchez4.8.11

    Chivas has a good team. Barca needs to start using the regulars

  4. Roque Geo Sanchez4.8.11

    A 16 year old scored a goal from a pass given by a 17 year old. That 16 year old ran through Keita and Busquets. It's time to start using the starters

  5. Sam Ar4.8.11

    dude that was just sad what chivas did to barca

  6. Cecilia Marjakangas4.8.11

    They'e missing Messi and Masche. ♥ Simple as! Also, Busquets is no defender. ZERO defensive instincts.

  7. Drago Robert Meze4.8.11

    Nothing like a simple solution to a complex problem. Of course, Busquets isnt a CB, he is our best defensive midfielder. The fact is that most of the team against Chivas were B team players. Of the regulars who did play, most only played half a game. Perhaps, if the Copa America had been held a few weeks earlier our preseason would not be so disrupted.

  8. Adam Parsons4.8.11

    Barcelona need to sell Pinto. why an earth did they sign a new contract with him a few months ago?

    But the reason you play Pre season is So you an find your teams weakness, And work on that before the season starts. Love to see how that team gets on against the Barcelona Starting 11
    ♥ BARCAAA!!! ♥

  9. Marcin Culé Dutczak4.8.11

    if we can win against bayern munich and we can't win against them then there is something wrong

    pinto is not good enaugh to eaven play in the second squad what barca needs is a second goal keeper pinto can't eaven catch the ball all the goals we loose is when pinto is in goals so far at least

  10. Anonymous4.8.11

    We just got pwned by a team called Chivas. . . Who are they again? o.O

  11. Anonymous5.8.11

    El equipo no se llama Chivas, se llama Guadalajara y es el subcampeón de América del año pasado

  12. Barcelona didn't use the regular, there was alot of changes from both teams. what worries me is that a 16yr old scored against an okay defensive line. The other 16 year old carlos fierro was really good he did 2 gol passes or three? i don't know but it is something to worry about for the extras of barcelona. not the actual team


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