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Barça wins at FIFA11, Madrid rule at Street Fighter >> Read My Mind

Gerard Pique: 'Mourinho is destroying Spanish football. It's obvious they play to the limit, but lately their are not behaving like decent people'

Gerard Pique: 'Mourinho is destroying Spanish football. It's obvious they play to the limit, but lately their are not behaving like decent people. I would have liked them to wait for us to lift the trophy after the match, like we did in Copa del Rey at Valencia. Win or lose, you must respect your opponent'

Xavi: 'Real Madrid's image today was regrettable, their club's reputation is much bigger and better than that. Some of their players just spend the whole match waiting to tackle our players hard.

Mourinho: 'What happened at the end has been provoked by someone, and that was NOT my Real Madrid players'

Iker Casillas: 'There are many eyes on a Barça-Madrid, it's clear there may be some conflict. I'm not sure what happened at the end of the match, there was probably a tackle and they dived, as usual. A draw would have been a fair result'

- As I explained in my previous article, Real Madrid's violence MUST stop. There is no need to ruin your club's reputation because your coach has no manners, decency or sportsmanship. Even players like Iker Casillas are turning to the 'Dark Side' and are becoming Mourinho's puppets. It's SAD to see.

I sometimes wonder how anyone in their right mind could honestly say they defend what Los Blancos are doing these days. If life was a video game, Barça would win at FIFA and Madrid would rule at Street Fighter. End of.



  1. Anonymous19.8.11

    I totally agree with you. How can the Captain of the Spain National team be so blind and not say the truth is beyond me!

  2. Muhammad Bakhtiar19.8.11

    now additional of cesc ,pep can rotate midfield to avoid fatigue

  3. David Orozco19.8.11

    welcome homeeee boyy!!

  4. Paulina Pażych19.8.11

    Dear Cesc is a great fighter. His debut will be unforgettable. Fabregas We love you! Welcome home !:*

  5. Simon Rainer19.8.11

    Cesc welcome back. It is great to have you here back.

  6. Faleti Benedict19.8.11

    His 2nd trophy will be against porto...................... Congrats boy.força barca

    ‎10 minutes is lyk 10 years at arsenal. Barca is great. Visca barca

  7. Drago Robert Meze19.8.11

    Rather than poke fun at Arsenal, which I know is fun and easy to do, I am just glad that Cesc was able to start his Barca career with a win.

    I hope that this is the first of many titles Cesc helps Barca to win.


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