Cesc Fabregas - Barça - Arsenal: Deal to be announced in the next few hours!!!

The Arsenal board will meet up today and everyone, including the British BBC, expects the Cesc transfer to Barça to be officially announced in the next few hours!!!

Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal's general manager, Peter Hill-Wood and Stan Kroenke should take Arsene Wenger's words into account and phone FC Barcelona to confirm the acceptance of the offer. As you know, The French Grandpa has already given up hope of retaining his captain.

It is believed the final offer from Barça to Arsenal is 29MILLeu now, plus the 5MILLeu that Cesc will pay himself, plus 6MILLeu in the future in terms of variables such as FCB winning the Champions League or La Liga.

- I think Cesc has probably done enough to come the Camp Nou this season. I was very disappointed with his attitude last year, when he gave up his dream of returning home without a proper fight due to Wenger's promise to allow him to leave this summer.

Cesc has decided to pay 5MILLeu towards his transfer, refused to play for Arsenal during the preseason and only trained with them over the last few days. I still missed his transfer request, but this may prove not to be necessary if these reports are true.


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