Dear Justin Bieber and LeBron James, leave Barça alone!!!! >> Read My Mind

I woke up to very disturbing news today: LeBron James has visited the FC Barcelona squad. I couldn't think of a WORSE athlete to be associated with, and I don't understand why Barça keeps inviting random people to their training sessions.

Oh, I remember now: There is a certain NIKE who makes and sells our football kits, right? They sponsor the self-proclaimed King James too? YES, that's it: Yet another unnecessary publicity stunt!!!

I am increasingly tired of how our marketing department seems to be contacting weird celebrities. I was still recovering from the Justin Bieber 2-on-2 match against Thiago and Bojan when I saw the most hated NBA Basketball player, the one who quit his home Cleveland team LIVE on National TV to, literally, 'Take his power down to South Beach', Miami, now mingling with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta... NOT IMPRESSED!!!!

If the Barça board want to invite famous people to meet our squad, they should always consider whether their behaviour goes in line with what our club and charities defend: Sportsmanship, hard-work and respect to your own roots. Does James match those criteria? NO WAY, who should we invite next: Tiger Woods???!??

FC Barcelona is 'Mes Que Un Club': People like Justin Bieber or LeBron James do NOT belong here.



  1. Anonymous22.8.11

    Brother I hear ya. That's why I love Barca so much. The club values, history and prestige as a 'Gentleman's' club.

  2. Anonymous22.8.11

    I understand, you hate those guys, but at last, they are cules themselves. Even I'm not a fan of basketball and I don't even know him. But, still as a fan, I'd always love to visit the sessions. Ah, but they have the money, so they are lucky enough to meet the Blaugranas. Anyway, fans are fans.

  3. I don't watch basketball as I find it immensely boring, so I only recognized the name and knew he was a basketball player.

    Basketball, like tennis, hockey, basically all the other sports but the beautiful game are a massive MEH as far as I'm concerned. But it's easy to avoid them. Hearing Biebster bleat his songs on radios in public places, however... *shudder*

  4. Edwin Montiel22.8.11

    I think you are being a little hard on this article, about Le Bron James, the guy is not tha bad, and let's keep in mind that he has say over the years, that he is a Barca fan, I got no comments whatsoever on the other dude lmao...

  5. Ryan C Es22.8.11

    That's exactly what I was thinking!!! I'm an NBA and Laker fan. I knew about Lebron, the self proclaimed King James, backed up by the media, yet he didn't even win a single Ring/championship! And that thing he did to Cleveland was obnoxious.

    I thought he was in Spain because of the NBA lockout, which basically means no NBA season 2011-2012. Trying his luck to play with some Spanish team. . .But Nike invited him? Of all people. . .Bieber and Lebron? o.O

  6. Owolabi Atunde Moore22.8.11

    pls Barca, dont let dis so call american stars turn our leo messi to Illuminati dem closely pls

  7. Marcin Culé Dutczak22.8.11

    the only reason he went to see barca is because kobe went there and they are enemies

  8. Jaime Pocasangre22.8.11

    Dude LeBron James is one of the most GIFTED athletes alive!!!! so idk why you complaining about him!!! now beiber is a diferent story fuck him... lol

  9. Ryan C Es22.8.11

    What do you think of Kobe Bryant Tom / Barç ? I mean, he's kind of arrogant and cocky, but he has his work ethic, leadership, determination, loyalty and everything a basketball player needs to be an outstanding player. Winning 5 Championship, which is a big deal in the NBA. Yet there was this case against him back in '05/'06. Which turned out to be false.

    If you know what I'm talking about, do you think it was OK for him to represent a charity match for Barcelona in their previous U.S. tour? He's been a fan of FCB ever since Ronaldinho.

  10. @Ryan: I have been a Lakers fan since the 1980s, so I have followed Kobe's career since the very beginning and KB24 is my favourite player, together with FCB's Pau Gasol.

  11. @Jaime: I agree with you, LeBron is VERY gifted. But so is Cristiano Ronalda and I still dislike him due to his off-the-pitch behaviour, arrogance and disrespect for rivals.

    Someone that calls himself King James and has NEVER won an NBA title should be much more humble than that!

  12. Ryan C Es22.8.11

    Thanks for replying Tom. Appreciate it (:

  13. Lilia Lilicheka22.8.11

    FC Barcelona is 'Mes Que Un Club': People like Justin Bieber or LeBron James do NOT belong here. !!!

  14. Fabi Martinez22.8.11

    As far as Im informed did LeBron visit Barça by surprise... but I dont know...


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