Guardiola: 'Barça lack preparation to face Real Madrid'

Pep Guardiola: 'The USA Tour 2011 went well, shame about the injuries my players have suffered. The main problem was the heat, we couldn't even breathe while training, which has obviously affected the team'

Pep Guardiola: 'The Spanish Supercup match against Real Madrid on the 14th August? Well, Barça used to have preseasons in the past, it's all about going on tour and promoting the FC Barcelona brand now, we need to adapt'

Pep Guardiola: 'We get to the Supercup lacking preparation, but it was the same last year. We need to use our minds to win that title, Real Madrid are fitter than us at this stage of the season but we accept the challenge and will do our best'

- I totally understand why Guardiola is unhappy about travelling the world but, as he said, promoting the Barça colours around the world seems essential for the long-term benefit of the club.

If the National Teams are allowed to force players to travel from Europe to South America whenever they feel like it, our club (who, let's not forget, pays their salary!) is also entitled to do so.



  1. Can Barça beat Real Madrid to lift the Spanish Supercopa 2011/12?

  2. Ceci7.8.11

    I honestly don't know. But I do know that some fans dreaming of another manita are fools. When I commented on a topic about another manita this morning and expressed my skepticism, another Culé called me a madridista and said I knew nothing about Barcelona. So guess Pep's equally clueless and a madridista, too? Right?

    It doesn't hurt being realistic.

    Incidentally, for those fans who always target Argentina for the friendlies (even though every NT has an equal number of them), the Argentinians are not being called up now, unlike the Brazilians and the Spaniards and the lot. Leo and Masche are staying in Barcelona. :)

    Anyhow, the players need to be mentally prepared and hungry enough to win the title. That's where the biggest problem is, not in the physical fitness.

  3. Ozebreto Pauluu Khahaifa7.8.11

    Whether lack or no lack of preparations, BARÇA will still beat Madrid anywhere, anytime & anyhow. WORD!

  4. Joe Hallon7.8.11

    Its a new season, new challenges, new faces, but the objectives are the same. I think we need to put aside all the manita talk and be reasonable and prudent. The Super Cup matches coming up will be extremely difficult but they will not make or break the season.

    To be honest, I think Madrid has an advantage coming into the games. Their first team players have played together already, Barca still has a busy schedule, a Copa Catalunya match on the 8th, Spain (and half of Barca) has a dumb friendly on the 10th, and Madrid hasn't lost in the preseason. I think the only thing that holds Madrid back is Mourinho. If he decides to park the bus against Barca again then I like our chances.

  5. Regardless, it was a dream to see Barca play yesterday in Dallas. The fact that the team can travel that far to play for fans in another country speaks huge of their dedication to promoting themselves around the world.

    Madrid is Madrid. They'll be tough whether our preseason was hard or easy. All Barca has to do is play like Barca and they'll take it to Madrid.


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