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I have been following Spanish football since the day I was born. In all this time, I have seen players come and go, dominant cycles start and finish. The Galactico era at Real Madrid was definitely the worse, the current Pep Team dominance being the sweetest.

There's no way I can hide the fact that I'm a Barcelona born Barça supporter, always have been, always will be, and proud. But following a team can not blur the fact that players in other teams are respectable, decent professionals.

Thinking about Real Madrid, Raul Gonzalez springs to mind. The Merengue captain scored many goals against us, but it's difficult for me to hate him. Yes, he had White blood running through his body, but he was always polite, decent on and off the pitch, a true sportsman.

When Raul left Madrid, I thought Iker Casillas would take his place as the only 'slightly-likable' rival. He's the captain of the Spanish National Team that, thanks to the EIGHT Barça players, won the 2010 World Cup. But his behaviour is becoming more Mourinho-Ronalda-Pepe-like as time goes by.

It's is unacceptable for him to accuse Cesc Fabregas of diving after Marcelo's tackle. If I was a Madrid player, I'd hide my head underground and hide, ashamed of my team. Instead though, Good-Guy-Casillas has the cheek to critisize our actions, as if Barça was to blame for their violence.



  1. Anonymous20.8.11

    visca barca
    fuck you all madridistas

  2. hijo de puta moriño eres la lacra para el futbol aprende a perder como ganar das lastima

  3. It's really very sad. Mourinho has changed Casillas. As the Spain captain he should mind his words, and yet he comes out time and a again criticizing Barcelona unfairly. And calling that diving! Cesc went down after a potentially career-ending, very dangerous, violent tackle. His own team-mate from La Roja.

    I'm happy to hear though that Casillas has apologized to Puyol, and will apologize to Xavi. Hopefully also to Cesc. Marca says that Mourinho is sorry too. I don't know -- maybe it's just Real Madrid twisting his arm. He should make a public apology -- to Tito, to Pep, to Messi (for that nasty gesture during the game). I don't think he will.

    Anyhow, for me, one of the best parts of the second leg was Masche leading Pipita away, and calming him down... The (ex) captain of Argentina, who never wanted the armband, still doing what was right.
    Casillas should take note.

  4. Magda Laute21.8.11

    as a FCB die-hard fanatic, Im glad Mou is real's coach. His childish behavior is only making us gain followers while trashing madrid's image. I hope he continues to be the merengue's clown for many years. He's doing us a big favor and he doesn't even know it.

  5. Kevin Wallace21.8.11

    As i said..he Mr mourinho is the puppet master,he knows that he will never be as good as pep,never get the barca job..the job he so wanted.....one word for this man JEALOUS.

  6. Drago Robert Meze21.8.11

    Casillas has always struck me as being basically decent. It is disappointing if he becoming more like the detestable madrid players. Casillas cannot be serious if he thought Cesc dived. That was one of the worst tackles I have ever seen.

  7. Carlos Lopez Lasierra21.8.11

    Casillas me gusta...pero ha de tener mas personalidad y no reirle las gracias al mongolo de mou

  8. Mourinho the dirty tactician ever!

  9. Anonymous21.8.11

    fuck u barca

  10. Idris Adeneye21.8.11

    He is just jealous. I know him b4 mourinho to b a quiet type. Only God knows what mourinho feed his players, they're always d same 4 diff clubs


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