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  1. Awesome! <3 Masche tqm. <3 :) Such great pics, such a fabulous player! And a wonderful person. Aguante Masche!

  2. free wallapers Im not saying I think it will happen, but theres a remote chance. I think he'd appreciate Sullivan, appreciate Sam and be happy to be back with Nolan. And with none of the big teams after him or in need of him (spurs signing Diarra covers that for me) maybe he'll appreciate the security that Nolan so desired, especially as we are a bigger side, if we make it back up, than the likes of Stoke, plus we do pay some mad wages sometimes. Still, it's one for the dreamy bin, but so was Kevin Nolan. And we've got this proven, young, European goal scorer on the way apparently, if its meant to be impressive enough to keep this forum happy then its got to impress Joey Barton.


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