Jeffren: Keep, loan or sell? Why?

Despite having numerous offers from Spanish, English or Italian teams, Jeffren is still an FC Barcelona player today. With Bojan sold to Roma, Jonathan Soriano injured and Alexis Sanchez signed... Would you keep, sell or loan Jeffren? Why?


  1. Ceci1.8.11

    Keep :) Because he is awesome. Villa is having a ad spell, like my querido Fernando Torres was recently... Jeffren is a great back-up. Don't sell him.

  2. Ceci1.8.11

    *bad! :)

  3. Jerad Griffin2.8.11

    I don't really think Villa's having a bad spell. He's only played 3 pre-season games. I think he'll be fine in the season. Pedro hasn't scored either but no one ever says he's having a bad spell. Looks like Torres is coming out of his funk.

  4. Neil Cohen2.8.11

    Sell. With all the respect and the fifth goal against Madrid, he is not in the same level as the rest of the team.
    Thank you and good luck.

  5. Drago Robert Meze2.8.11

    It looks like Barca will sell him to Sporting and I agree with that. Just like Bojan, he is a talented player who is unlikely to play often enough at Barca to realise his potential. Whichever of Bojan and Jeffren does best at their new clubs, may well be bought back in a few years time.


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