Justin Bieber loves FC Barcelona - Oh my God!!!!

I love the fact that FC Barcelona has become enormously popular around the world - as we can see by the enormous Barcablog.com fanbase from many countries such as United States, Spain, United Kingdom, India, Norway, Colombia, Mexico etc (THANK YOU!!!)

Surfing the Internet today though, I came across one of the most tragic moments of my life: A photo of Justin Bieber wearing a Barca shirt!!!! Arggggggh!!!!! What has our world come to?

How do you feel about Bieber Fever supporting FC Barcelona? Should we welcome him as an honorary member or throw eggs at him, hoping he gets a haircut?


  1. Anonymous1.8.11

    I wanna blow my brains out, that's how I feel...

  2. Ceci1.8.11

    Why don't you support Real Madrid, Biebster? I remember when he visited Camp Nou last season and had a kick-about with the canteranos and Bojan. The next day, Bojan (and several others) were injured. Also, the quality of play deteriorated. Coincidence? I think not. Bieber jinxed the team!

  3. Anonymous4.8.11

    LET BIEBER SUPPORT OUR TEAM! Maybe someday, he will become our sponsor and he will give us 100mio $$$...that would be good 4 our club xD

  4. He can be a barca player ..

  5. Anonymous22.8.11

    But, have to say, that baby doll had the balls somehow to wear blaugrana in Madrid.


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