La Liga strike is off, but the deeper problem isn't solved >> Read My Mind

I am pleased to hear that La Liga and the AFE Players association have reached an agreement to cancel the strike, but we shouldn't ignore the deeper problem that is affecting Spanish football.

There are two key factors that influence the situation: The world's economical weakness and the unreasonable wages fuelled by clubs spending beyond their capabilities.

When major sports leagues around the globe like the NFL, NBA, La Liga and now Serie A have either overcome a player strike or still suffering it, alarm bells should be ringing in the ears of the superpowerful men who fund these competitions.

While it's obvious that star players such as LeBron James, Brett Favre, Francesco Totti or Leo Messi will continue to receive their salaries so they can be kept happy, it is the lives of those in the minor teams or lower leagues which will get affected.

I am also against clubs being bought by multimillionaires who buy clubs and treat them as little toys in their vast collection of possessions, only to feed their own egos. Take Manchester City, Malaga or Chelsea: All run by Mr Riches who are ready to pour their millions into their Football Fantasy teams. My question is: Who will pay for the debt once these grown-children are gone? You're right: It would be the FANS.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying footballers get paid peanuts but I believe they have the right to be paid what they signed in their contracts. Not a penny more or less.

Just a brief example. Players at Rayo Vallecano, in Segunda Division, kept fighting as a team throughout all of that season despite the club refusing to pay them for their jobs. The result? The players and coaching staff achieved PROMOTION and will play against Barca, Madrid and other big Spanish guns this year. Oh, and they haven't got paid yet!

Now, that was the spirit of the AFE player strike. I am happy football is back to our stadiums and TV screens around the world but let's spare a thought for those who can barely make a living out kicking a football: They are the roots that feed the biggest sport on Earth, the one we all love.