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We are only one match into the 2011/12 season and the Real Madrid players, coaches and fans are already crying like spoilt babies - GROW UP!!!!

We are only one match into the 2011/12 season and the Real Madrid players, coaches and fans are already crying like spoilt babies - GROW UP!!!!

The Madrid-Barça 2-2 draw at the Bernabeu will be remembered as the first El Clasico were Mou5inho tried to play football instead of simply having eleven players hanging from his own crossbar. I am still laughing at his coward approach in the Champions League semis last season (overgrown grass included) and the 5-0 destruction at the Camp Nou in La Liga.

But some things haven't changed: Real Madrid's unjustified violence and Mourinho's lack of manners and decency.

How many legs must Pepe The Psycho break before he gets sent to jail (notice I'm not even talking about red cards here!)??? What would have happened if the Khedira-Abidal karate-kick had been the other way (e.g. Alves kicking Cristinita Ronalda)?? The referees clearly need to get their act together and BE FAIR: Don't worry about what Mr 5555pecial may say after.

Oh, and did you realise Mou5inho refused to speak to the media after the match? He sent his puppet coach, Mr Gonzo Karanka, to explain his feelings to the press. And he then had the cheek to complain about the referees!!! Arggggg!!!!

Who cares what he says anyway? That'd be the same as the Camp Nou TOILET CLEANER to replace Guardiola in front of the world's media!!!!



  1. Alex de la Ciocana16.8.11

    impotency ! impotency! impotency! That's why they are soooo agressive. Pepe had long ago sent on leave, football is not his job...he'd better go to the circus...or measure his forces with Ibracadabra.

  2. Anna Mei16.8.11

    maybe someone needs to tell them that they're supposed to play football and not to do kickboxing. But I think their brain capacity is not big enough for this to understand.

  3. Alex de la Ciocana17.8.11

    well..they are royal club...and still have a royal minds. They use the most pitiful action so as not to be shamed in the public and an opponent who is over them.

  4. Anonymous17.8.11

    These past few years I've watched R.Madrid players kick and hit Barca players in unfair challenges and the funny thing is that the referees don't seem to care. Last season when.

    To Pepe and all the other arrogant madrid players I just want to say: If you think that the game is kick boxing, I'm more than willing to have a go at any of you monkey's who think he's tough enough.

    Maybe Barca should sign a few players like Eric Cantona to teach these monkey's that messin' around on the pitch can cost them dearly!

  5. Anna Mei17.8.11

    ‎... what in the end makes them lose all the 'royal' reputation they once had. Blame Mourinho.

  6. Drago Robert Meze17.8.11

    In their obsession to stop our dominance, Moudrid have thrown away every shred of credability. Moudrid used to maintain an air of class and were at least respected. The fact that they got rid of Valdano, the one man who stood up to Mourinho, shows the depths to which they have sank. Lets beat them again this year and really piss them off!!!

  7. Nick Obueh17.8.11

    Who's gonna stop them? When everytime moan-ing-ho is always moaning about everything around him, even when he's at fault, or can do nothing about it.

  8. @Nick: The referees are the ones to stop it...


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