Did Mourinho try to kick Cesc? The guy is crazy!!!! >> Barça Video

Yes, you read that right. The 555pecial FIVE was first to rush to Cesc Fabregas after he was violently tackled by Marcelo during the Barça-Madrid in La Supercopa. Watch it here:

That is the result of the ongoing Barça success: Madrid simply doesn't get they're second best. Shameful!!!

Watch the video, then tell us: What do you think about the clip? I mean, if he didn't want to kick him, why is he stepping so close to his head???


  1. Anonymous19.8.11

    io creo k no lo pisa (i soi del barça) pero eso es lo k creo

  2. Yes, he did. You don't see the contact but you see the movement of his right leg. And even if he did not actually KICK Cesc (which I'd not doubt for a second), for the coach of opposing team to make that kind of gesture while one of his players committed a potentially career-ending tackle on the player on the ground, is DESPICABLE! #KickMouOutOfFootball

  3. Marcin Culé Dutczak19.8.11

    if i could have him just for one day i would make him suffer i would torture him

  4. Drago Robert Meze19.8.11

    I wont DEFINITELY accuse Mou of kicking Cesc but one shot does not look good. That being said, Mou is still a disgrace.

  5. Anonymous19.8.11

    I think his first gut instinct was to do something, anything, to Cesc,but then 'edited' his movements. Yes, I think he is a vicious, vindictive person with the attitude of a spoiled child But he is not stupid. He is all about intimidation and mind control. He wants to be a controversial persona. Too bad he hasn't learned one of the most important lessons in life - controversy will always come looking for you if you think you are above it.

  6. @anonimo: Puede que no lo pise, pero la intencion la tiene seguro... Que verguenza de entrenador!!!

  7. Raquel Esmeralda Mejia19.8.11

    i don't think he stepped on him but it seems to me he gave him a slight kick. which does not change things at ALL! Mourinho is pathetic. blah!

  8. Rosalina Kara19.8.11

    i think he wanted to kick Pep guardiola


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