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After many months of rumours and negotiations, FC Barcelona have now confirmed their 2011/12 is complete after the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas. After watching Barça play against Real Madrid in La Supercopa and Napoli in the Joan Gamper trophy, I AGREE.

After many months of rumours and negotiations, FC Barcelona have now confirmed their 2011/12 squad is complete after the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas. After watching Barça play during the preseason, against Real Madrid in La Supercopa and Napoli in the Joan Gamper trophy, I AGREE.


I have to admit that I was NOT expecting Cesc Fabregas to be an option as a false striker at all. We all knew that, apart from his classic Blaugrana DNA in midfield, he has developed a raw goalscoring instinct during his years at Arsenal. The Fab4 has a proven record of finding the net from midfield at a much higher rate than Xavi or Iniesta. Pep Guardiola, clever as a fox, has seen potential for an emergency replacement for Messi in case the Argentinian Pulga was unavailable or in need of a rest.

Alexis Sanchez will bring an exciting alternative for the 'traditional' MVP last season. Bojan was very cute and handsome but lacked the hunger a striker needs to succeed at the Camp Nou, poor Jeffren was always injured at the most unfortunate moment. This meant players like Messi played as many as 55 matches, which is insane. Alexis brings a much needed breath of fresh air to our attack, great thinking Pep!

Then simply add Afellay, Villa and Pedro and our front line is complete!


Guardiola has used Keita as a defensive midfielder most of the preseason and it looks like the African star will compete with Busquets for that spot. Mascherano will also be an option but I have a feeling that, after excelling in defense during Puyol's long absence, Guardiola will prefer to use El Jefe's talent in defense until El Capitano returns.

Players such as Thiago, Cesc, Xavi and Iniesta will ensure the Pep team 4.0 has as much possession as its predecessors and I'm certain whoever our rivals are, they will be forced to chase the ball most of the time, making our opponents so tired while defending that being fit enough to attack Valdes would be a distant dream!


If Carles Puyol recovers as well as the Barça doctors want to make us believe, our defense doesn't need any new players. Gerard Pique has already risen to the challenge of leading our back line, Abidal is slowly recovering his former form, Mascherano has covered for El Capitano excellently so far and I'm sure he will continue to do so in the future, Fontas should earn his playing time and grow as a result.

As per the full-backs, Dani Alves continues to be as motivated, dominant and daring as ever, Adriano can be trusted to perform in either side, Maxwell, despite not being my favourite footballer on Earth, is also reliable. If injuries strike, Pep also has Puyol and Abidal to help, plus Montoya, Bartra and Muniesa from our B team!

The Season Ahead 

I am looking forward to yet another successful year. The current group of players is the most professional, trustworthy and ambitious in over 100 years of FC Barcelona history. Many challenges lay ahead of us but, if we keep a cool head and respect all our opponents, success will come our way.



  1. Peter Balazs23.8.11

    It is a perfect squad now. If Puyol not available, then Masch will play in defense maybe Fontas, Keita will be the 2nd choice DM, and even Messi can be substituted with Alexis or Fabregas. Just perfect and hope for the best

  2. Ibrahim Athuman23.8.11

    Yes i agree....barca & pep didnt make any mistake by signing cesc and alex we was ned player lyk thm and thy wil help us so mch and our attack is alredy improved so tht is the perfect signing.....barca 're the bst 4rvr!

  3. Thato Thatregas Cule Mlangeni23.8.11

    Its a complete squad. We r a deeper squad. Its a complete puzzle

  4. Irena Hercog23.8.11

    Ofcourse, we already had a perfect squad, but now we also have a perfect bench, we don't need anyone else...we are the best! :)

  5. Abed Kadri Barcelona23.8.11

    He couldn't get it any righter !! Perfect signings , maybe we need another centre back , we'll see !

  6. Ahmed Alhassan23.8.11

    Right but not enough , we need a defender

  7. Drago Robert Meze23.8.11

    Two quality signings to give us more depth and attacking impact. We might have considered signing a defender as well, but Fontas and Bartra are both outstanding prospects who will do the job when required

  8. I wonder where the haters who used to call Cesc Fàbregas names like FabricASS are hiding now

  9. Roque Geo Sanchez23.8.11

    I know right? Hipócritas

  10. Hussein Ebrahim23.8.11

    Aint gona hide I was one of them...but I'm really happy hes wit the squad. Hes an amazing player n he looks so happy just to be back home in Barca colors. I don't think I ever seen him smile when he played for Arsenal! Plus u can't hate on a guy who took a pay cut to come back. I just didn't like how he left. But that's in the past now. :)

  11. Drago Robert Meze23.8.11

    I think everyone is now happy that Cesc is finally home. I was sure he would eventually return to Barca but I thought it might have been in a year or two. His transfer was a real "culebron" but he is already showing he will be a real asset. Benvenido en casa Cesc!!!

  12. It's like Cesc was never away. :) This is quite like I feel about people who badmouthed Masche all of the first part of last season (and there were MANY of them) and now keep on saying how he's a great player. "I did not like Masche at first but..." Yeah, IKR.

  13. Brent Acosta24.8.11

    Pique is now injured...we need a central defender, because the odds of them being both fit

  14. Barç ‎@Brent: Yes, I just found out!!! Well, as I explain in the article, we should be well covered anyway...

  15. Brent Acosta24.8.11

    I hope your right, the back line worries me at times

  16. Anonymous24.8.11

    It's entirely possible we may play many teams in La Liga with only 1CB and Masch as a hybrid CB/DM according to this theory ( Leaving 3 more attacking mid places free for Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc.

    Face it. Many teams only counter-attack us. We won't see the kind of sustained pressure on our defence that we saw v. Madrid in many games. As you say if we can maintain pressure and possession, a minimal holding defence should suffice!

  17. @Scott: Yes, Pep is considering a 3-4-3 formation against ultra-defensive teams.

  18. Top post, and indeed, it was Pep's genius to realize what a wonderful CB and even LB Masche is. He's always been described as one of the best DM's in the world, but despite not being very tall, he's a truly wonderful centre-back. Great defensive instincts, vision, speed and intelligence. ♥

    Yeah, we're well covered. And I've always seen Cesc as an attacking player who can create goal-scoring opportunities for others, quite like Leo. Messi's on a level of his own but Cesc is a great option, as a playmaker and as a false 9.

  19. Toghrul Javanshirli26.8.11

    I would like to see Lugano in Barca. As his current club got League ban, and team decide to sell the players for cheap. WE NEED THIS DEFENDER. He is one of best defenders right now.

  20. I believe the current FCB squad is complete, but thanks for the info Toghrul

  21. Toghrul Javanshirli26.8.11

    i think you should watch 3 goals, that real scored to us.when mascherano turns with hiss back to ball, and when benzema scores, when defence freeze for 2 seconds. when also same back turn happened 2nd time..

    3 goals from madrid could be stopped by can we handle with this situation, when there are some great defenders in world, that will not scare of balls...

  22. I think that if Puyol, Pique, Mascherano and Abidal are all fit, no new central defender is needed. I agree with Pep in having a short squad where all players feel important.


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